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MENA Review & Analyses Journal

Call for Papers MENARA Journal!

Deadline: 28.02.2023

Topic: Opportunity in Crisis

On top of the ongoing conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere, the MENA region has been riddled by a host of significant political and economic crises in the last few years. Covid-19 claimed a deadly toll on MENA countries, and it came with an even more devastating knock-on effect on national economies. Climate change is rendering agriculture increasingly difficult, as draught-ridden MENA states are struggling for food security. The war in Ukraine disrupted global supply-chains, and many resource-scarce MENA economies are barely maintaining social and political stability through extensive food and energy subsidies. Skyrocketing  food and energy prices are pushing thousands towards Europe. While the fire of political freedom is flaring in Iran again, its flame has long withered away in most of the region. 


But in a crisis-ridden MENA region, the beacon of hope, of innovation, of policial, social and economic approaches to peace and development shines bright. For the first issue of our biannual MENARA Journal under the title “Opportunity in Crisis”, we are looking for contributions reporting on social, economic, and political opportunities, innovations and reforms to tackle the region’s manyfold crises. We are especially encouraging young academics and scholars from various backgrounds to contribute with their insights and ideas in the form of academic papers, essays and analyses. At Ishtar MENA Analytics, we are committed to fostering the talent of promising young academics, regardless of nationality, gender, sex, race, and publication history. 


Submission criteria:

  • Authors should hold an undergraduate degree or higher in a relevant field of study

  • Submissions should be between 3000 and 6000 words, not including references

  • Submissions should be in reference to the topic “Opportunities in Crisis”

  • Submissions must be unpublished

  • Authors must state any conflict of interest


All submissions will be carefully reviewed on a blind peer-review basis. Any questions can be addressed to


We are thrilled to read your contributions! Yallah!

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