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Welcome to Ishtar MENA Analytics

Ishtar MENA Analytics

About Us

We are a team of young and dynamic political, social and economic research specialists with several years of experience in the region. We strive to provide our clients with bespoke regional analyses based on first-hand ground data and modern research methods. Based in London and Zurich, we maintain a network of colleagues and independent researchers across the region.


Our Mission

The Middle East and North Africa harbours an incredibly diverse and complex socio-political landscape, rendering it difficult to navigate for policymakers and professionals alike. We are committed to providing you with rigorous and up-to-date analyses and reporting to help you maximise your potential and reach your strategic goals in the region. 

We firmly believe that research needs to be conducted as unbiased as possible, which is why our diverse researchers include a well-balanced mix of different research approaches and methods. We are able to provide the highest standard of research by maintaining close ties to academics and drawing on the talents of fine young academics of some of the best universities in the field.

Our Services

Our boutique think-tank operates along the following three pillars:

  • News Blog - In line with our vision that science should be publicly available, our analysts comment regional events from a scientific perspective. Please refer to the News section for our latest blog posts.

  • Academic Publications - Committed to the role of knowledge production, we publish a biannual scientific issue with a collection of young academics' articles about the wider MENA region.

  • Tailored Research - We provide tailored background research or data production for private, commercial or analytical use based on the needs of our clients. Simply refer to "Services" to learn more, or contact us directly.


Contact Us

7 Bell Yard, London WC2A 2JR

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